Who We Are

Highly qualified and motivated

Calder Insights offers an expert with a background in solving complex engineering and data science problems via the application of analytical and statistical knowledge, skills and behaviours. The expertise developed through this experience can be applied to a range of legal disputes requiring statistical data analysis.

We pride ourselves on providing professional, comprehensible expert reports to enable a just, expedient and fair dispute resolution.

What is an Expert Witness?

An expert witness is someone with knowledge and experience in a particular discipline beyond a typical layman. This knowledge and experience can be used to form an independent opinion on a matter and shared before a court to support the dealing of a case justly and at proportionate cost.

Regardless of who instructs the expert, or who is responsible for an experts fees, any duties the expert has are superseded with an overriding duty to the court to provide independent and impartial evidence.

Business Interruption (BI) Insurance

On 15th January 2021 the Supreme Court handed down a judgement on the BI insurance test case (relating to the coronavirus pandemic), from which a collection of Agreed Facts has been published. Within this publication it is stated that in theory it could be possible to extrapolate from the agreed underlying data (pertaining to the prevalence of COVID-19 in a given Lower Tier Local Authority, LTLA) to apply it to a smaller Relevant Policy Area, RPA (i.e. where the Relevant Policy Area is within the LTLA)".

Calder Insights can provide expert opinions based upon a statistical analysis to determine, on the balance of probability, if COVID-19 was present or not within the RPA of a given insured premises, where the RPA is "at the premises".

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